Outside Plant Construction

Outside plant construction is another service Pemberton-Davis offers. We own the right equipment and possess the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget. In the event that your project requires connectivity between buildings such as in a campus environment, our construction group works with our electrical division to provide installation without interrupting or delaying your construction project.

Construction services available include:

Buried and Aerial Fiber Optic and Copper Cabling-

cable lines are best laid when the facility is being constructed. With the help of Pemberton-Davis, decide between fiber, copper or both. We can then install the lines by burying the cable or stringing it from the pole. Having Pemberton-Davis perform this installation during the construction phase prevents unnecessary removal and replacement of landscaping or permanent elements and allows the cabling system to be more integrated into the overall design.

Conduit and Sub-duct Installation and Repair-

In existing buildings, we can install and repair conduit and sub-duct delivery systems. We can perform this service in a variety of ways, including:

  • Directional Boring- Steerable trenchless method using a drilling rig. Used when trenching or excavating isn't practical
  • Trenching- Excavating ground using a machine. Pipe is then laid inside trench and buried.
  • Plowing- Smaller, thinner areas for laying buried pipe.

When beginning a new construction project for your commercial or industrial needs, contact Pemberton-Davis to design and install your electrical and low voltage cabling infrastructure during construction to save money and time. We own the equipment to facilitate a quick turnaround and we service a growing area including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.