Commercial & Industrial

Pemberton-Davis services commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, office buildings, even new construction. Our qualified electricians provide comprehensive services based on years of experience and proper training. Our high standards reflects well on your business and ensures your electrical needs are met.

Commercial and industrial services Pemberton-Davis provides include:


We handle new construction of commercial and industrial buildings. Get the job done right the first time and avoid costly repairs and rewiring in the future.


We can rework existing electrical systems in a remodel project. Pemberton-Davis brings electrical systems up to code, updates systems to handle modern technology and appliances, and rewires to allow for better use of space and maximum number of configurations.


In retrofit projects, special attention is paid to matching the existing architecture and maintaining the authenticity of the building's period while supplying all the beneficial features of modern electrical technology. We bring electrical systems up to code in a comprehensive yet cost efficient manner.

Site Lighting Installation & Repair

Fulfilling the lighting requirements for your on-site project, Site Lighting Installation and Repair by Pemberton-Davis applies to parking lots, roadways, arena lighting, schools/universities, retailers, and architectural lighting. Whether your goal is to improve site security, maximize energy efficiency, ensure peoples' safety, or enhance architecture, Pemberton-Davis can install and repair any on-site lights necessary.

Contract with Pemberton-Davis Electric to handle all of your construction needs.